Security Beyond Stigma For Cannabis Grow Facilities

The illicit history of marijuana isn’t lost on the general public—or anyone, for that matter. 

But with countless celebrity-endorsed and -founded cannabis businesses, there’s no denying that the plant is on track to one day be as mainstream as alcohol and tobacco products have been for decades. While it may only be a matter of time, it is also fair to say that the road ahead is still long. 

It has been a frustrating battle for all. Proponents have tried to destigmatize and legalize a substance that is arguably less harmful than substances that have been legally and widely distributed for longer than many can remember. Moreover, cannabis may be used medicinally, while the same cannot be said for alcohol and tobacco. 

The issue of perception is tricky. Ask any politician and they will be able to tell you all about how long it can take to win the approval of the public on almost anything.

The stigma of being a “stoner” can pose challenges to those in the job search or workplace, as using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes may be stereotyped as a lazily foolish coping mechanism. At worst, it can be even misunderstood as delinquency. 

Marijuana can certainly be used as an escape, taking the form of addiction. However, many recreational users enjoy using the substance for calm relaxation. It isn’t a hard party drug that will hype you up. In fact, it is common to consume cannabis in the evening to help the user fall asleep easier. 

Unfortunately, the stigmatization of cannabis has arguably made compliance less clear and more convoluted than necessary for consumers and businesses alike. That said, this article does not attempt to paint blame solely on public opinion, nor to dismiss the true and valid medical precautions and concerns surrounding cannabis usage. What can be observed, however, is that significant resources have been poured into preventing cannabis from being legalized across the United States—resources which proponents argue could be better used for regulating its distribution and consumption. In fact, a study reports that the stigmatization of cannabis is greater in areas where laws are more punishing. As the budding business of cannabis continues to bloom, security and safety will become more important than ever before. Consumers and businesses alike are continuously looking for guidance amidst the confusion and chaos of reform.

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Cannabis facilities, including retailers, growers, and dispensaries, need security plans that are both effective and compliant. As regulation regarding cannabis consumption and commerce is still changing, businesses are relying on experts like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions to formulate security management plans. California’s Department of Cannabis Control provides details on security requirements for the state.

Cannabis stores often carry large cash reserves as payment for transactions, making the physical location highly targeted by local crime units. Moreover, the product is highly liquid, as it can be sold through illegal avenues with relative ease.

If you have questions about protecting your facility in compliance with the law, you can give Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions a call today.

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