How A Grow Facility Security Plan Can Save Your Operation

Over the past decade, shifting technological and legal trends have opened up a number of new markets that are experiencing an initial period of chaos, thievery, and criminality. Chief among these new markets are the emerging cryptocurrency and decentralized finance markets and the legal cannabis industry. As more states legalize the sale of cannabis, more chaos seems to float in its wake as the federal government’s refusal to follow suit and decriminalize its distribution makes those who participate within the industry legally a prime target for criminality and highlights the need for cannabis security plans.

The cannabis industry produces a product that continues to enjoy a substantial black market value, making it an enticing target for theft and criminal activity. Onerous regulations, insurance premiums, and the need to stay licensed all work together to drive up the sale price of legal cannabis, which only makes the street value proposition more appealing to consumers. Safeguarding these valuable assets is paramount for the success and longevity of any operation, whether it be a grow facility or dispensary.

Not only is the product valuable in itself, the questionable legal status of cannabis at the federal level makes most financial institutions hesitant at best to provide banking services to cannabis businesses. As a result, these facilities often deal primarily in cash. When combined with a valuable and easily moveable product, these facilities make a choice target for the criminal element.

Another element of this chaotic mix is the lack of help from law enforcement. Legal cannabis growers frequently face challenges in receiving any kind of assistance from law enforcement agencies. To be charitable, police officers may be preoccupied with higher-priority cases. To be less charitable, the police force has been known to display prejudice due to the nature of the industry, making proactive security measures crucial for businesses to continue running.

The best method of creating a proactive security solution is creating an air-tight security plan. A well-crafted security plan tailored to the unique needs of cannabis facilities can significantly enhance safety and protect operations.

A comprehensive security plan is essential for complying with local and state regulations governing cannabis operations, as many states (including California) require a security plan for the facility to remain licensed. However, many cannabis businesses do the bare minimum when it comes to crafting this plan, as they themselves are not security experts and would prefer to focus on the actual running of their businesses.

This is where expert firms like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions come into play. CCSS can craft a well-tailored security plan for your business that incorporates a number of different security solutions into one comprehensive system that works together to create a powerful deterrent to both opportunistic and organized crime.

A solid security system designed around an airtight security plan allows cannabis facilities safeguard their staff, assets, and reputation, allowing for uninterrupted operations and sustainable growth. Not only do solid security plans deter theft, but they also help comport with the often stringent requirements of your insurance policy. Insurance providers often require comprehensive security measures to grant coverage to cannabis operations, which means a meticulously crafted security plan increases the chances of securing insurance payouts in the event of any losses.

If you are tired of living in fear every day thanks to the chaos that the legal cannabis industry is mired in, it’s time to get proactive about your security. Call CCSS today to take the first steps in creating a measure of order in the world of legal cannabis.

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