Remote Guarding Of Cannabis Dispensaries Can Save Lives

Cannabis and cannabis culture is celebrated for helping people relax and chill out. It’s a plant product that has helped countless people find relief for medical and recreational purposes. 

However, there is a side of its reputation that some might find disturbing. Critics and opponents of the cannabis movement say that it’s a gateway drug that encourages and enables substance abuse, especially in the hands of those who otherwise lack healthy lifestyle habits. 

While many might say that the legalization of cannabis in several states across America represents that this reputation has been effectively challenged and overruled to an extent, the fight for safe cannabis consumption rages on. 

The disturbing truth about the legal cannabis industry today is that retailers and dispensaries are faced with danger on a daily basis. 

Some incidents at facilities with on-site security personnel have been fatal. Cannabis, due to its demand and popularity, is highly targeted for crime, like other high-value industries like apparel, banking, and jewelry.

The goal of these robberies isn’t necessarily for personal use—rather, the stolen goods are resold on the secondary market. Dispensaries are targeted by criminals to resell cannabis on the black market due to the lucrative nature of the product. In addition to the product, robbers target cannabis retailers for cash, of which cannabis businesses tend to have large reserves, as consumer purchases are largely paid for in cash. 

Remote Guarding can significantly strengthen dispensary and retail security measures with the power of high-definition, artificially intelligent cameras. The remote aspect of this solution allows live monitoring without requiring staff to be on-site. Recording occurs around the clock to alert unauthorized access to staff, who can then take timely action. Remote guarding offers comprehensive security management while saving businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in guarding costs. Leveraging the technology of remote guarding mitigates the risks of human error inherent to security systems that purely rely on the physical presence of security staff.

Cannabis businesses need to be prepared to handle unique challenges in an industry that continues to dramatically evolve. Did you know that intruders can sue businesses for bodily injury under certain circumstances? It may seem unbelievable, but a criminal can seek compensation for injuries as a result of measures of security employed toward their unauthorized access. Cannabis security compliance laws are complex and arguably convoluted. Most businesses and their staff aren’t perfectly versed in such laws, which raises the possibility of litigation in the event of an incident. 

Ownership and management have a vast number of responsibilities in operating a cannabis business, which can make it tempting to hire just about anyone for security and call it a day. However, it is important in almost every way to carefully screen and only hire qualified personnel and to require that they undergo Security Guard Training with experts who have walked the walk and know the industry inside and out, with the likes of both criminals and law enforcement. Security guard training and remote guarding combined can be the best investment in the business and its people.