Asian Skincare And Gua Sha Crystals

Asian beauty techniques and products have taken the world by storm. You might have heard of skincare routines of Korean celebrities, who practice their routines twice a day with a dozen or more different products at once!

From traditional Korean Hanbang skincare to Chinese gua sha, many popular Asian techniques garnered centuries of devout followers before the Western world discovered and developed a love and fascination for ancient and holistic face care. 

The Korean skincare industry and its enthusiasts are credited for popularizing the technique of layering multiple skincare products, particularly serums, essences, and toners. Each layer plays a unique role, providing moisture, antioxidants, and revitalization. This approach leaves no stone unturned in addressing skin concerns such as sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes. 

In addition to skincare, Asian beauty and wellness prioritizes natural and non-invasive Face Care tools like gua sha. Carved from jade, amethyst, rose quartz, and other materials, gua sha is a smooth tool that is applied with gentle strokes on the face and body. Gua sha tools are also often used while applying skin care products to enhance their absorption while also promoting increased circulation. However, how you use gua sha is up to you: some prefer to use gua sha on its own or solely with a face oil.

The practice of gua sha is both a ritual and technique that helps your mind and body manage the stresses of life and restore harmony within. Throughout the day, we intentionally and unintentionally clench and squeeze our muscles in our face, neck, back, and the rest of the body. The gentle massage helps to start your day with an act of self-care while releasing muscle tensions. The effects are gradual but noticeable: smoother and more radiant skin. With proper technique, gua sha can boost lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

Originating from China, gua sha incorporates anti-aging through prevention, which is embedded into the health philosophies of many different Asian cultures. Gua sha may be performed by an aesthetician for you at the spa, or you can do it alone in the privacy of your own home. 

Gua sha is more than face care. It is an experience. Want to start your gua sha journey and make the most of it? Ideally, start with a space where you have a mirror in front of you. Light a candle and listen to some relaxing spa music while watching gua sha tutorials online.

When seeking a gua sha tool, choose a reputable and authentic brand that does not advertise faux stones as genuine. The quality of the stone makes a world of a difference. Real jade and amethyst are known to be cooling, which works best with the motions of gua sha. There are a number of options of materials and shapes to suit your preferences.

You can find gua sha tools and holistic guides online at Shayna’s Kitchen, a wellness resource, shop, and destination for beauty and nutrition. 

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