Introducing: Bottle & Stone

Hello and welcome, health junkies! Today we’re covering the exciting new product line from Bottle & Stone, the recently launched health and wellness company that emphasizes natural and holistic remedies for the modern man’s maladies.

The owner and operator, Shayna Taylor, is no stranger to the mental and physical pains that comes with the modern condition. After years of searching for different treatments, she used her experience in holistic nutrition to develop treatments based on naturally occurring remedies that have been used for generations, with some tweaks made by modern science to enhance their effectiveness. Her story is explained in the company’s launch press release:

“Entrepreneur and wellness expert Shayna Taylor announced today the launch of Bottle & Stone, a purpose-driven, holistic system of CBD-based remedies and resources. Taylor was inspired to develop the line after years of struggling with anxiety, digestion, skin and scoliosis challenges. Derived from a certified-organic hemp-farm in Vermont, Bottle & Stone full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) tinctures and sprays are an easy, clean and efficient way to begin your journey to wellness.”

Taylor and her company have set out to provide lasting and effective daily treatments for fatigue, anxiety, depression, skin issues, and a holistic alternative to anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals such as Tylenol for pain relief. To do this, they’ve developed a line of proprietary CBD tinctures that include both the primary CBD oil component and tertiary herbs that add flavor and come with their own health-boosting effects.

The positive health benefits from CBD oils and their derivative products are well studied. Commonly used for pain relief and as a soporific, the various blends and tinctures have been found to help users improve a number of different mental and physical health markers.

As Taylor herself can attest, CBD oil has been found to be an effective supplemental treatment for both anxiety and depression, both common mental disorders that are typically treated with pharmaceuticals that come with a long and troubling list of harmful side effects. CBD oil and tinctures can further reduce dependency on pharmaceuticals for pain management, sleep disorders, acne, dry and flaky skin, and a number of other common health issues that we would otherwise turn to drugs to combat.

Bottle & Stone’s website goes into further detail:

The ritual use of cannabis for healing goes back thousands of years, but cannabidiol (also known as CBD) was first studied directly in 1940 by professors from the University of Illinois. Then in 1965, Raphael Mechoulam’s team managed to synthesize and isolate it for studies that continued for decades to research the possible therapeutic applications of CBD for all-natural wellness––a legacy we’re proud to continue with our full-spectrum CBD, derived from organic Vermont hemp.

The product line description is provided by the company launch press release:

Daily Dose Cinnamon Tincture – Developed with taste in mind, the all-natural cinnamon provides a warming kick that pairs well with coffees, smoothies and lattes to help bring you a more balanced and holistic approach to energy for everything in the day ahead.

Daily Dose Natural Tincture – Designed to be part of a daily self-care ritual, this tincture can be added to tea or juice, or taken as-is for all-natural wellness.

Daily Dose Hemp Mint Spritz – A flexible solution with a crisp, clean taste, it will leave you fresh and balanced all day.

Bottle & Stone CBD oil is derived from hemp grown in Taylor’s own certified-organic hemp farm in Vermont, which helps the company ensure that every step in the manufacturing process is as healthful as possible. This means that you can be sure the pesticides and fungicides commonly used in mass produced variants of CBD oil (a nightmare for your hormonal and bodily health in their own right) will be nowhere near any Bottle & Stone product.

To further emphasize the company’s dedication to holistic health, Bottle & Stone’s farm is additionally working towards becoming a fully biodynamic. This system utilizes the typical organic soil fertilization methods of other organic farms, while also incorporating the use of animals such as bees and chickens and companion crops to revitalize the soil. This self-replicating system turns the farm into its own ecosystem, ensuring the soil will never diminish even after years of productive work.

Bottle & Stone’s dedication to a healthy and sustainable production environment translates into its products, which work to make its consumer’s body as self-sustaining as possible and maintaining optimum health levels for as long as possible. If you believe you could benefit from one of the company’s products or are curious to learn more, you can reach them at:

Bottle & Stone

(818) 903-6845

313 Grand Boulevard #1258, Venice, California 90294