Growing Pains

The state of California is quickly turning into a dangerous place, with violent crime in nearly every category on the rise and high profile smash-and-grab burglaries turning into a nearly daily occurrence in the state’s major cities. No one, it seems, is safe, with both private citizens and businesses being targeted on the roads, storefronts, and private residences.

One sector that appears to be hit especially hard by this rise in crime is the cannabis industry. A business that once proudly claimed that over 90% of thefts came from employees is now experiencing millions in losses due to burglaries and robberies every month, with signs only pointing to this trend accelerating in the foreseeable future.

The question is, why is this crime wave hitting the cannabis industry so hard in comparison to any other? There are many answers to that question, and even more fingers being pointed at a number of different parties as being the ones culpable.

The financial incentive to target cannabis companies is relatively straightforward: the plant still has significant value on the black market (or streets) and the industry deals primarily in cash thanks to the banking industry’s hesitance to deal with a complicated legal situation. This means dispensaries, transport vehicles, and growing houses filled with both money and an easily moveable product.

Despite this, robberies and burglaries targeting the cannabis industry were fairly rare as recently as a few years ago. This change is indicative of other shifts in the state, with growers and store owners blaming an uncaring police force, law enforcement blaming lenient DA’s decriminalizing retail crime and refusing to prosecute property crime, and politicians blaming one another (as usual).

Whatever the case may be, this spate of (often organized) crime targeting growing operations and distributors is not going away any time soon. In response, many operators in the space are taking things into their own hands and developing more comprehensive cannabis security plans and putting them into action.

This is both a good and a bad thing; it’s good in that these companies are taking greater interest in taking steps to deter crime and protect themselves. It’s bad in that they aren’t experts in the field and live very busy lives, which means that mistakes will almost inevitably be made and be taken advantage of by unscrupulous insurance companies looking for any opportunity to deny a claim.

A better idea is to hire out to a team of experts for your grow house’s or dispensary’s security plan. Firms like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions work with multimillion dollar firms every day who come chastened after their claims for lost product worth tens to hundreds of thousands were denied due to them missing a minor detail in their security plan.

Don’t let yourself become the next horror story used as an example in a sales pitch by one of these security companies – just call them before you are the victim of a crime and make sure all of your bases are covered. An investment in a good security contractor like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions can mean you save millions of dollars down the road as California descends into even worse chaos.

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